Zagreb County to Become a Leading Green County in Croatia

Zagreb County to become a leading green county in Croatia Copyright Romulić and Stojčić

October 15, 2021 – To become a leading green county in Croatia, Zagreb County has devised strategic goals that include organic farming in all agricultural areas, organically grown food in public institutions, and eco-menus for all restaurants and rural tourism facilities.

As reports, Zagreb County leaders believe they have all conditions needed for achieving these goals. The goals are set in the action plan of the Program for the Development of Organic Agriculture in Zagreb County until 2030, which was presented last week.

With it, Zagreb County wants to become the leading green county, which bases its development on ecological and innovative food production, but also the development of smart villages.


An example to other counties

To achieve these goals, the development of organic food cultivation is prioritized, as well as the improvement of socio-economic conditions of villages and farmers, and the improvement of the population’s environment and health.

“We want to enable producers to focus on organic production and provide our residents with healthy and quality food. I am sure that this plan can be an example to other counties of how to approach the development of organic agriculture in the Republic of Croatia,” said Prefect Stjepan Kožić at the program presentation.

Head of Agriculture Josip Kraljičković said that this is the ‘bravest program’ of the Zagreb County in agriculture so far, and the program was presented by its authors Sonja Karoglan Todorović and Darko Znaor from the company Agro Eko.


Modern agriculture

“People have the perception that organic farming is a return to the ‘old way’, that it is our grandparents’ agriculture. But they need to be reassured. Organic farming is modern agriculture, in which one does not dig with a hoe, but uses advanced, innovative technology. Today, organic agriculture is among the most innovative branches of agriculture,” said Karoglan Todorović, adding that the program is in line with EU policies so that 25 percent of the area is under organic farming.

“This action plan is brave. For Croatia to have 25 percent of organic agriculture in the foreseeable future, someone has to pull more. And with this program, the Zagreb County has once again shown that it has a vision,” added Karoglan Todorović.

On behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Assistant Minister Krunoslav Karalić attended the program presentation.

“Organic farming accounts for 7.2 percent of our agricultural production and is handled by 5,500 farms,” ​ the Assistant Minister pointed out.


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