Worlds 2020 Dominates Twitch for Second Consecutive Week – Weekly Twitch Top 10s, Oct. 5-11

As the stakes get bigger and the best League of Legends teams in the world take the stage once more, Riot Games creates an overwhelming dominance with its broadcast of the 2020 World Championship. Multiple channels broadcasting the event landed in the top 10 with no signs of slowing down as the competition rolls into its biggest week yet.

The Top of Twitch – The 2020 League of Legends World Championship

For the second consecutive week, the biggest thing on Twitch by far has been Worlds 2020. Not only did the game itself once again overtake Just Chatting as the most-watched category on the platform, but the Worlds broadcast itself claimed the top two spots on this week’s top 10. The main English-language broadcast generated 10.23M hours watched, while the Korean channel took second place with 3.90M. Additionally, the French-language broadcast also cracked the top 10 at 1.80M.

Worlds 2020 will continue for the remainder of the month, with greater stakes and more intense matches. With North America fully eliminated from the competition at this stage, there may be some slight dropoff in regional viewership, but traditionally North American viewers have rallied behind Europe’s leading organizations once their home teams are out of the running.

Also of note is the continued reign of Among Us as a collaborative Twitch powerhouse. The game once again took third place, knocking Fortnite out of its usual seat and generating 25.96M hours watched.

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