Week in Review: No parking, wrecking Champlain, robots coming, green Halloween, resto woes

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Opinion: Are the robots coming for our jobs?

Are the robots coming for our jobs? For years, that’s been the fear. Experts have warned that automation and artificial intelligence will disrupt the labour market. While some predict that new technologies will create as many new jobs as they displace — at least for those with the right kinds of skills — others see growing and persistent unemployment. Rather than polishing our own crystal ball, we asked Canadian workers about their experiences with technological change. On the whole, these experiences are more positive than negative. Yet they point to some potential trouble to watch for, especially once the post-pandemic economic recovery takes hold.

Legault OKs trick-or-treating, but ‘Halloween parties for adults are out’

As coronavirus deaths in the province reached a grim benchmark, Premier François Legault gave the green light for children to go out and collect candy on Halloween. Quebec surpassed 6,000 deaths on Thursday since the pandemic began. The number of deaths attributed to the virus climbed by eight in a 24-hour period, but taking into account deaths whose reporting was delayed, a total of 28 new deaths were added to to the overall total of 6,005. Despite the grim news, Legault said he believes it can be safe for children to go out trick-or-treating on Halloween throughout the province this year, provided they stay within their family bubbles, that no one goes inside another person’s home, and that safe distances of two metres be maintained at all times. He said celebrating Halloween is important for the morale of children.

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