Vuram launches Automation Testing Tool and Contract Management System for Enterprises

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Hyperautomation services firm, Vuram, has launched two solutions: Vuram Automation Testing Tool (VATT) powered by Appian RPA and Contract Management System in the 2-day virtual conference: AppianEUROPE20 held on 14th and 15th October 2020. VATT-Appian RPA has been launched with the idea to help enterprises perform end-to-end functional testing for Appian applications; Contract Management System helps enterprises generate, organize, collaborate, review, store and track contracts effortlessly across the organization in a single application.

One of the tools launched, VATT-Appian RPA is an automation testing tool built using an intelligent hybrid framework that makes it easy to create and run automated tests without writing several lines of code. The tool also helps automate various reusable scenarios across Appian applications with just a single line of code. It is designed to run tests on different applications concurrently. Users can schedule the tests and monitor the process at any time in a secure cloud-based RPA platform.

As per Vuram’s CEO Venkatesh Ramarathinam, “With VATT-Appian RPA, enterprises can save a minimum of 70% of time and effort required to do manual testing or even compared to writing basic automation testing.”

The Contract Management System is a horizontal solution that can be the best fit for several major industry verticals. It helps companies that frequently manage contracts with suppliers and customers and seek to establish best practice process and performance metrics. The application enables enterprises to efficiently handle end-to-end contract management; easily configure and manage clauses, templates, and customize the workflow.

The application comes with a suite of features including centralized document storage, redlining during negotiations, digital signature for approvals, document comparison, auto-notifications, and built-in analytics. It is compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile. It provides a single view of all contracts and contract metadata within an organization, including dependent relationships between master and sub-master contract types.

Venkatesh Ramarathinam, CEO, Vuram emphasized during the launch that, “The beauty of all of this is it’s built on the Appian platform, which means configuration of the solution and customization of the same is going to be seamless and extremely fast for you. We can guarantee that within two weeks, you can have a full-fledged Contract Management System up and running in your environment.”

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