The Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum Is on Sale During Amazon Prime Day

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Owning a pet is joyous, but cleaning up after pets is not. From hair clumps to dirt specks, you’re never off cleaning duty when it comes to maintaining both a happy home and a furry friend. But thanks to Prime Day, you can score a helper to handle the hassle at a major discount—for just the next two days, the Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum has been dropped to $170. 

The smart vacuum features incredibly strong suction power that can deep clean carpets, hardwood floors, and tiles. The extra-large dustbin can hold a hefty amount of debris and grime, making it an ideal match for all the hair larger dogs may leave behind. Not to mention, the attached silicone brush handles are tangle-free to keep any hair clogs at bay, so you can maintain a clean vacuum, too. 

If you’re trying to keep an allergen-free home, the triple-filter system featured in the vacuum will only help. It captures up to 99 percent of dust mites, including ones that are as small as 6 microns. The smart cleaner can reach all your hard-to-clean areas where dust may build up, and it can even cross over door sills so no room in your house is left untouched. Anti-drop sensors will protect the robot vacuum from falling down stairs or bumping into walls or furniture, too. 

To activate the smart capabilities, you simply need to connect the vacuum to your WiFi-enabled Yeedi App to use Amazon Alexa voice control whenever you please. 

Amazon shoppers agree the vacuum cleaner is easy to use and that it’s great for large households with multiple kids and pets. 

“It looks good, it’s quiet, and it literally slows down just prior to bumping against furniture and the wall,” wrote one satisfied customer. “This unit cleaned really well, the battery life was incredible, and the software is amazing. I loved watching where it was in the process as it cleaned, and I also enjoyed its verbal announcements, such as telling me when it was returning to the base. This unit is attractive with a nice quality look and feel.”

“I felt I would never be able to do a complete cleaning of all my dog’s hair, until the robot vacuum was here,” said another. “I just need to click the button and then I can sit there and enjoy as the robot goes to all the corners of the house, including under the beds. The suction power is strong, the noise is low, and the operation is simple. When the power is low, it will return to the charger station all by itself.”

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