The Secret to a Perfect Bridal Glow is Right in Your Refrigerator!

Ice seems like the perfect antidote for the soaring temperatures but this humble ingredient can be more than just a cocktail companion. From working as a natural primer to helping you reduce redness, ice cubes are a secret weapon for many top facialists and makeup artists. We teach you how to make the most of this hardcore beauty trend for the perfect bridal glow.

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Get That Inner Glow

Ice cubes have been proven to improve blood circulation and they’re the closest alternative to cryotherapy you’ll get at home. The simplest way to use them is putting them straight to your skin (guarded by a clean washcloth if you have sensitive skin). But we recommend incorporating some antioxidant-packed green tea to boost the results. Just brew a fresh cup of chamomile and freeze it in the form of ice cubes and there you have it, the perfect at-home facial tool, ideal for your post-haldi skin treatment. Ice also brings the most out of your fancy serum as it restricts the capillaries and creates a pulling effect that helps ingredients penetrate deeper. 

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Say Goodbye to Breakouts and Under-Eye Bags

A cold compress made using ice and coffee can do wonders for you under-eye bags. The ice wakes you up while the constrictive properties of caffeine reduce unnecessary puffiness and swelling. Another good reason to invest in this beauty regimen would be its resistance against cystic bacteria. Since ice constricts the blood vessels, it can aid in calming down those angry break-out flares, and let’s be honest, no one wants an annoying pimple right before their big day.

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Approved by Your Favourite Celebrities 

Ever since Faye Dunaway mimicked old Hollywood icon Joan Crawford’s ice-cold morning ritual in the cult classic “Mommie Dearest”, celebrities all over the world have been smitten with the simple yet effective beauty treatment. Supermodel Kate Moss says that whenever she wakes up with puffiness, she fills up her sink with ice and submerges her face in it, something even Katrina Kaif and Jacqueline Fernandez swear by. According to Moss, it tightens her skin and makes her feel instantly awake. While pop diva Lady Gaga took the process one step further by taking regular ice baths, a process that helps with soothing your muscles after an intense workout session as well as minimising your pores. So take a cue from these starlets and quickly introduce this easy ingredient to your bridal skincare routine. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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