The Filthy Chipper Workout - Oxygen Magazine

When you want to create lasting changes in your body, you’ve got to be clever with your programming, getting in just enough strength work to build and maintain muscle while pushing the limits of your cardiovascular and anaerobic training to burn fat and improve conditioning. A chipper workout accomplishes both. 

With a chipper, you’ll do several moves in a row — typically between five and 10 — and must complete all reps of one move before moving on to the next. Each move is done for a high number of reps, anywhere from 20 to 100 in a single set, increasing your time under tension to get a large volume of work done in a time-efficient manner. This increases your lean tissue composition while jacking your metabolism, forcing your body to burn adipose tissue to power its recovery processes for hours afterward.


Choose a moderately heavy weight — one with which you can get between six and 10 unbroken reps — for each exercise. Then start your timer and begin to chip away at the first move, breaking that large rep block into smaller, manageable sets, and stop to rest when your form starts to break down. There is no defined rest interval with a chipper — you’re the judge as to when you’re ready to go again. That being said, keep the rest as short as possible: Your goal is to push your limits while staying safe. Once you’ve done your prescribed number of reps, you can move to the next exercise. Do this workout one or two times through, depending on your fitness level. Log your total time to complete, then try to meet or beat it next time you do the workout.

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