Tertill Weeding Robot is the perfect garden gadget for whacking weeds » Gadget Flow

Get rid of pesky weeds in your garden with the Tertill Weeding Robot. This helpful garden robot is solar powered and weeds your garden every day. This way, you can sit back and enjoy your time outdoors. Tertill rids your garden of weeds in two ways. First, its wheels dig up the top layer of soil, stopping weeds from sprouting. Second, if any weeds decide to grow, Tertill cuts them down with its built-in string trimmer. Also, Tertill can differentiate a weed from a plant you want, so you don’t have to worry about this robot accidentally cutting your flowers. What’s more, since this garden tool runs on solar, you don’t need to charge it. Finally, this garden gadget is weatherproof, which means you can keep it out in the rain. It’s never been easier to have a well-maintained garden.

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