Stream King Princess’ New Song “Only Time Makes It Human”

King Princess has returned with her first new song of 2020, “Only Time Makes It Human”.

The title is a reference to the healing power of time; the track finds KP in the doldrums of unrequited love. Between earworm “Whoo la las,” she sings with painful self-awareness. It’s not just that it “sucks that I think about her/ ‘Cause thinking ’bout her leaves me lonely;” it’s that King Princess know she’ll turn this pain into a song, but somehow that doesn’t make it better. She croons, “Whoo, and I’ll keep selling all my problems/ And she’ll be the one who buys them/ Whoo, all of her love became an album/ And I’m still the one who’s crying.” Check out “Only Time Makes It Human” below.

Our 2019 Rookie of the Year blew up on the strength of her debut album Cheap Queen, and earlier this year she released a special Cheap Queen deluxe edition. She spent the first part of the pandemic in a “quarantine shed” in Hawaii, from which she performed an NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert, and she made lots of longtime fans happy when she uploaded “Ohio” to streaming services for the first time.

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