Shujinko Introduces Industry’s First Automated Evidence Collection

New software automation engine automatically crawls and collects key evidence for security and compliance audits directly from AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure

Shujinko, the pioneer in automated audit preparation, introduced the industry’s first Automated Evidence Collection engine, providing organizations with automatic “push of a button” collection of evidence from their AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure. The engine allows organizations to rapidly gather technical evidence, including encryption of data at rest, encryption key management and network segmentation and configuration, and provides the results to customers in a formatted .pdf report. Automated Evidence Collection, available in the advanced version of the company’s new AuditX platform not only saves engineering time and speeds audit preparation and readiness, it also gathers critical metadata and timestamps to improve audit completeness and accuracy at any point in time.

“It’s tremendously complex, time-consuming and painful to orchestrate evidence collection in parallel for globally distributed public cloud and hybrid infrastructures,” explained Scott Schwan, Shujinko CEO and co-founder. “With our new Automated Evidence Collection engine, this entire process can use automation to collect, aggregate and organize evidence much more quickly and simply. It’s a huge win for organizations struggling through multiple audits, conflicting priorities and juggling limited resources.”

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“The fact that there’s a divorce between execution of best practices and collecting evidence to show adherence seems ridiculous in a modern cloud deployment,” said Errin Coburn, director of cybersecurity at Delta Dental of Washington. “What I want is a compliance ‘easy button’ that just automates that whole process.”

Shujinko’s Automated Evidence Collection architecture is designed to be extensible across services, clouds and regions; scalable to handle even massive compliance audits; and robust enough to seamlessly manage large, complex enterprise environments. Moreover, it frees enterprises from the need to constantly chase changes as cloud operating systems and services evolve. The engine automates evidence collection through 5 major components:

Orchestrator – provides overall automated traffic management for smooth coordination

Collectors – extensible data retrieval in parallel from many services and source APIs

Transformer – transforms data received into meaningful consistent formats for audit evidence

Aggregator – aggregates data into meaningful buckets so it can be clearly understood and easily mapped to all applicable audit controls

Notifier – alerts user when collection, data processing and .pdf report generation is complete

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Shujinko’s Automated Evidence Collection is designed to save organizations thousands of valuable engineering and devops hours, freeing them up to work on top priorities that grow the business, instead of spending their time manually capturing hundreds of screenshots from complex cloud infrastructures to prepare for an audit. Additionally, by automating evidence collection, audit preparation scales and evolves in lock-step with rapidly evolving applications and underlying cloud infrastructure. Evidence can be collected at any point in time, simply by pressing a button, and the collection process is tamper-proof, stamped as “automated”, and requires zero manual labor by your organization’s most skilled technical staff.

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