Robot Dolphins Could Soon Be Reality At Theme Parks

To put an end to the cruelty inflicted on animals in marine parks, a US-based engineering firm has come up with an interesting innovation— robot dolphins.

Edge Innovations which owns an animatronic (electronically automating characters) and special effects division in California has designed the dolphin which ranges from $3 million to $5 million.

“When I first saw the dolphin, I thought it could be real,” said a woman who swam with the remote-controlled creature, reported Reuters.

The developers are of the opinion that it is identical to a living creature and can imitate the gestures of a real dolphin. It can reportedly nod, swim in aquariums, and withstand close contact with humans.

“It’s surprising there are 3,000 dolphins currently in captivity to generate several billion dollars just for dolphin experiences,” said Walt Conti, the founder, and CEO of the company behind the mechanical animal.

“There’s obviously an appetite to love and learn about dolphins and so we want to use that appetite and offer different ways to fall in love with the dolphin,” he added.

According to reports, the organisation has created it for an educational pilot program, however, it hopes that life-like animatronics used in Hollywood movies could one day entertain crowds at theme parks, instead of wild animals held in captivity.

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