Rider covers 7,000 km to Arctic tip of Europe on her electric motorcycle

While electric motorcycles have demonstrated their advantages over typical gas-powered motorcycles in a broad sweep of areas including power, torque, rideability and maintenance, their range and recharge times have long been their Achilles heel, especially when it comes to motorcycle touring and cross-country trips.

But now Miriam Orlandi’s recent trip is breaking new ground in multiple ways and proving that electric motorcycles can cover vast distances.

Recently we’ve broken the news on a number of long distance electric motorcycles rides, including Diego Cardenas’ trip from the US-Mexico to US-Canada border as well as Felix Stellmaszek’s spontaneous cross-country trip. Both of those were completed on Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycles.

Ben Rich has also performed some epic cross country riding on his Zero electric motorcycle.

An electric Iron Butt (1,000 miles or 1,600 km in 24 hours) on an Energica EsseEsse9 electric motorcycle also made the list.

And of course there is Ewan McGregor’s and Charlie Boorman’s 13,000 mile (21,000 km) trip from Argentina to Los Angeles on LiveWire electric motorcycles.

But Miriam Orlandi’s 4,350 mile (7,000 km) journey is a first in a number of ways: She’s the first to do such a long range trip on the new fully-faired Zero SR/S electric sportbike, she’s the first to ride an electric motorcycle to the northernmost tip of Europe, and she’s the only rider on this list without a Y chromosome, helping balance the underrepresented female presence in long-distance e-moto riding.

Oh, and her trip just happens to look like a blast too.

In just 21 days, Miriam rode from Brescia, Italy to Cape North, Norway. That 4,350 mile (7,000 km) journey took her deep into the Arctic circle to arguably the northernmost point in all of Europe.

Technically there are European islands and archipelagos such as Svalbard that are further north, but since they can’t be reached by an electric motorcycle on land, we’re going to give this one to Miriam.

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