Retired teacher makes organic plant trays using plantain leaves to germinate seeds | Organic plant tray| organic farming

Sreekandapuram (Kannur): A retired teacher is making organic plant trays using plantain leaves to germinate seeds. 

Sreekandapuram native K V Sasidharan is making eco-friendly plant trays to replace plastic trays.

Normally, plant trays are used to germinate seeds in houses and nurseries. After the sapling is replanted, the trays are abandoned and this causes pollution. With this, Sasidharan started making plant trays using plantain leaves.

How to make

Plantain leaf is cut in 2-inch length and one-inch width. This rolled into a cylindrical shape using a stapler. Then it is filled with coconut husk or soil before sowing seeds. He proved that palm leaves also can be used to make the organic plant trays.

As plantain leaves and palm leaves are easily available in village areas, the tray can be made at low cost, said Sasidharan. 

A recipient of National Award for Teacher in 2012-13, Sasidharan is active with anti-drug campaign and environment protection activities.


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