Playfly Rebrands Collegiate StarLeague to Increase Focus on Academic Esports Infrastructure

Playfly Sports will combine the assets of its recently acquired esports properties World Gaming Network and Collegiate StarLeague. The company will sunset the World Gaming Network brand, and with it Playfly’s efforts in the amateur esports space. The newly combined resources of these two assets will form CSL Esports, a company leveraging Collegiate StarLeague’s decade of experience in collegiate esports to create a renewed focus on building up the academic esports landscape.

CSL has worked with more than 1,800 schools across North America. Now, new CSL Esports CEO Rob Johnson says the company aims to create “life-changing educational opportunities through esports.” In addition to operating its own tournaments, CSL Esports will shift its focus to provide infrastructure to colleges, universities, and high schools looking to build out an esports program.

Johnson explained that part of CSL’s vision is to create a “path to pro” for collegiate esports, but not in the traditional sense. While some players are recruited from college teams to join professional esports rosters, it is not the most common path. The reality is that much of the high profile talent in esports is 16-18 years old and can circumvent the college track on their way to the big leagues by playing in online tournaments or creating their own content. 

Instead, CSL Esports will equip students to join the esports workforce, whether that’s playing on a team or working behind the scenes. A robust collegiate esports infrastructure will allow students to learn about remote stream broadcasting, commentary, event management, training, etc.

Additionally, CSL will work with schools and with its parent company to create revenue-generating opportunities for its clients, such as connecting them with brands looking to engage with the collegiate esports market, or exploring esports opportunities for alumni.

“CSL Esports’ new focus further enhances revenue opportunities for our current and potential

Playfly Sports Properties partners,” said Playfly Sports Founder and CEO Michael Schreiber. “We look forward to working closely with our Playfly Sports Properties partners to provide new offerings and drive new forms of revenue.”

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