Nintendo’s Challenger to Microsoft, Sony Is a Remote-Control Car

Nintendo Co. is about to release its biggest product for the holiday season, where it will be up against new-generation consoles from rivals Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. An early look at the new Mario Kart game for the Switch, featuring augmented reality and your living room as the race track, indicates that Nintendo will be just as competitive.

In Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, which becomes available from the Japanese gaming giant on Oct. 16, players use their Switch consoles to race and around their home. The action places animated objects in real-world surroundings, along the lines of Pokémon Go.

Here’s how it works: You, holding your Switch, play through what would look like a regular game of Mario Kart if not for your couch and dinner table in the background. You’ll steer around a real toy kart on a track you’ve plotted out in your house. A camera attached to the kart feeds footage to your Switch screen, allowing you to take control of Mario or Luigi as they collect mushrooms and drive laps.

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