New Spawn Animated Series Discussions Are Heating Up Promises Todd McFarlane

We may be seeing another Spawn animated series in the not-too-distant future. Todd McFarlane, who created the character for his company Image Comics, has been looking to expand the scope of the franchise in recent years. That includes a live-action movie, which has struggled to get off the ground. In the meantime, while animation is experiencing a book brought on by current events, his most famous creation may be getting another go-around on the small screen.

Todd McFarlane was recently a guest on Joe Q’s Mornin’ Warm Up with Marvel’s Joe Quesada. During the conversation, the notion of a Spawn animated series came up. Here’s what McFarlane had to say about it, revealing that some big conversations have been happening.

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“I was having a conversation about the animation yesterday with a pretty big animation house. So those topics are heating up. I know that people are saying that, ‘Todd, you talk a lot about the movie and the Hollywood stuff and nothing’s really happening,’ and that’s not true. Especially with production being shut down.”

This is not the first time that Todd McFarlane has hinted at animation being a big part of his company’s future. During a virtual panel recorded for this year’s [email protected], McFarlane revealed that they have been having lots of discussions centered on animated projects, largely because they can still be produced from a distance.

“On the TV front, nobody is making TV so there are writers, and directors, and producers that normally, you couldn’t get them on the phone. We are doing Zoom meetings two or three times a day with all of them.. I’ve dusted off every idea that I’ve had. I’ve shown them other ideas that have come out from Image. I don’t care where they say yes. We just had a big call yesterday, I’ve gotta do a follow-up with it, with a bunch of kid’s programs. Because, again, you can do animation from a distance. You can’t do a big $100 million action movie. You can still do Pixar. You can still do kid’s programming… All of it is getting developed. We just signed some writers to a TV project.”

Todd McFarlane did note that not all of these discussed projects are in the Spawn universe. But the character previously had a successful run on TV. HBO aired Spawn: The Animated Series beginning in 1997. The show ran for three seasons, totaling 18 episodes. Unlike the 1997 live-action movie, the series was met with acclaim.

With Marvel and DC firmly tied up at Disney and Warner Bros. respectively, the rest of Hollywood needs to look elsewhere for comic book properties that can become potential franchises. Spawn, and Image Comics in general, seems to be fertile ground in that respect. If Todd McFarlane is to be believed, we’ll be learning more concrete details on some of these projects down the line. You can check out the full interview from the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel.

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