New San Francisco Wine Brand Wants to Elevate Canned Wine

Two former tech executives have banded together to elevate the idea of canned wine.

San Francisco resident Jessica Hershfield was looking for something that was a different pace from the grind of working at companies like Google, Uber and Lime. She left her job at Lime in November 2019 and started Just Enough Wines with her co-founders in February. Without previous experience in the wine industry, Hershfield said she ended up in the industry because of its “ubiquitous nature.”

Along with co-founder Kaitlyn Lo and head of wine operations Ross Bentley, Hershfield recently launched Just Enough’s first wines. She said that she wanted to get into the smaller format, canned wine niche because of sustainability and portability aspects.

“It’s been a crazy past seven months,” Hershfield said. The team worked with wineries in specific American Viticultural Areas (AVAs are geographic designations for California wines) in the bulk market to produce a Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The result is one of the few canned wine brands, if not the only one, that focuses specifically on AVAs and has a specific vintage. The brand wanted to focus on these two varietals for the fall because they balanced quality and approachability, said Hershfield.

“I knew I wanted a crisp, refreshing white wine,” said Hershfield of her Chardonnay. And unlike the typical style for California, which can be pure butter bombs, Just Wines straddles the leaner side.

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