MY DAEMON Augmented Reality App on Apple Devices — GeekTyrant

If you’re a fan of His Dark Materials, you may have wondered what your daemon might be. Well, HBO has teamed up with developer Framestore to create a new augmented reality app called His Dark Materials: My Daemon. Right now the app is only available on iOS and Apple Watch with no word on if Android users will ever get to experience it.

In the show and books, daemons are parts of each person’s soul and each one is unique. Upon launching the app, users are greeted with a personality test which then gives the user their own custom daemon using “many possible combinations of animal type, skin, fur patterns[,] and personality.” Users will then be guided by their daemon via narrative elements of the show to encourage activities that help the mind, body, and spiritual health. These can include fitness activities like running or some self-care like taking time out of their day for themselves or reaching out to a friend. As you go about completing activities, your daemon will become happier and healthier.

The first season of His Dark Materials is now streaming on HBO Max and the second season will begin airing on HBO and HBO Max on November 16.

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