Meet Pet Artist Jay McClellan

Appreciate artwork? “Paws” and admire the eye-catching images of renowned pet artist Jay McClellan. His striking pooch portraits grace private homes and prominent spaces like Philadelphia’s famous White Dog Café. They even scored their own Anthropologie “Bone Appetit” kitchenware line!

Pet Artist Jay McClellan

Arkansas-born Jay is a husband, father and longtime animal lover who draws and paints in his Philadelphia studio. He combines the artistic concept of flat space with vibrant hues that really bring his four legged subjects to life. According to Jay, achieving his signature look involves “pushing everything forward in the painting by the composition, and then pushing it back into space with patterns, colors and linear perspective.”

You might notice that many of Jay’s cold-nosed subjects are lounging and loafing in ways that would charm any hound fancier’s heart.

“I believe that painting dogs in a resting position displays more of their personality,” the artist says of his preferred pup poses. Jay also mentions that he especially enjoys “the physicality of painting large-scale.”

See more impressive examples at, or follow him on social @jaymcclellanstudio.

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