Medtech in a Minute: Robots Take the Wheel at J&J, Abbott’s Impatient Libre Patients, and More

‘Robot Take the Wheel’ Is J&J’s Device Business Strategy

Johnson & Johnson’s medical device sales left much to be desired in 4Q19 but have no fear, the robots are here. The company plans to reveal its surgical robotics strategy on May 13 and CEO Alex Gorsky says that going forward, robotics will be a driving force behind J&J’s medtech business.


Abbott’s US Patients Want Libre 2, Like Now

Abbott has seen phenomenal success with its FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitor but some patients are growing antsy for the company’s second-generation CGM, which is still under FDA review. Robert Ford, who is on deck to become Abbott’s CEO at the end of March, said the company is working through a “handful of issues” with FDA, which he characterized as “nothing terribly surprising” but declined to offer any specifics as to what those issues might be.

What If There Was a Sepsis Test That Delivered Results in Minutes?

Researchers have develooped an optical biosensor for sepsis that does just that. The approach draws on recent developments in nanotechnology and on light effects at a nanoscale to create a highly portable, easy-to-use device that can rapidly detect sepsis biomarkers in a patient’s bloodstream. Kind of ike a pregnancy test.

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