Macwheel Cruiser budget electric bike review: Cheap thrills at $799

While I definitely appreciate the nicities of premium electric bicycles, I also understand that plunking down several thousand dollars on an e-bike isn’t in the cards for many people. So with that frame of mind, I went into this review of the $799 Macwheel Cruiser electric bike looking to see what a budget Amazon e-bike could deliver.

And I came away optimistic for all of the new e-bike riders out there looking to get into the hobby on a shoestring budget.

Macwheel Cruiser tech specs

  • Motor: 350W rear hub motor
  • Top speed: 32 km/h (20 mph)
  • Range: Up to 40 km (25 mi)
  • Battery: 36V 10Ah (360 Wh)
  • Max load: 120 kg (264 lb)
  • Frame: Aluminum, step-through style
  • Tires: Kenda 27.5″ x 2.1″
  • Suspension: Front only
  • Brakes: Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • Extras: LCD display with speedometer, battery gauge, PAS level indicator, both throttle and pedal assist operation, included rear rack with hinged clip, front and rear LED lights, fenders, electrical horn

Macwheel Cruiser e-bike video review

Check out my video review of the Macwheel Cruiser below. Then read on for my full thoughts on this e-bike!

First, the good stuff

The Macwheel Cruiser has a number of positives, but also a few key drawbacks.

I’ll start with the good stuff, since there’s a lot to like here.

First of all, there’s the low entry price. It’s just $799 on Amazon, making it one of the most affordable e-bikes we’ve ever covered. We’ve seen plenty of e-bikes under $1k, but they rarely drop this low.

When they do, they’re usually pretty cheap e-bikes in terms of quality.

But Macwheel managed to drop into ultra-budget e-bike territory without making the usual sacrifices.

macwheel cruiser electric bicycle

You get a fully functional e-bike that gets up to 20 mph (despite the bike’s description claiming a 15.5 mph top speed for some reason).

The bike sports a really nice looking integrated battery and frame instead of the traditional here’s-a-battery-bolted-on-somewhere designs we usually see in this price range.

Heck, even Rad Power Bikes is still doing bolt-on batteries instead of the beautiful integrated batteries found on most $2-3,000 e-bikes.

There are name-brand Tektro disc brakes, Shimano shifter/transmission, a heavy-duty rear rack with spring clip, included fenders, front and rear LED lights that run off the main battery, nicely wrapped cables instead of a rat’s nest of wires, and adjustable stem for more ergonomic handlebar placement, etc.

At just $799, the Machweel Cruiser is sporting a lot of the features that are normally reserved for e-bikes in the four digit price range.

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