KYMCO teases new electric motorcycle unveiling later this week

KYMCO has a big digital press conference planned for this Thursday, November 26th. And it appears that one of the major unveilings will be a new electric motorcycle known as the KYMCO F9.

We only have a few brief shots of the new bike, which is visible in a short 18-second teaser video shown below.

But from the quick cuts we can actually glean a lot of information.

KYMCO’s new bike takes on something of a hybrid motorcycle/maxi-scooter form with a frame that is likely supplemented by a stressed-member battery box.

The battery also appears to be quite large, taking up the majority of the frame’s space between the rider’s knees.

The electric motor can be seen in what appears to be a coaxial mount with the rear swingarm – a design famously employed by the Zero SR/F and SR/S platform. That move cleans up the rear mounts and also simplifies tensioning the toothed belt used in the belt drive.

Unlike the Zero design though, the KYMCO bike’s rear swingarm is single-sided.

For suspension, the bike gets an inverted front fork and a single rear monoshock.

The tail light looks somewhat similar to the RevoNEX’s, though takes on its own unique design.

Pillion pegs and a rear seat are visible, meaning this bike is designed for riding two up. But there’s no rear brake lever by the right foot peg, indicating that we’re likely looking at a more traditional scooter setup with dual hand-brake levers.

While we don’t yet know the name of the upcoming bike, it has large “F9” lettering on the side panels, which might be a not-so-subtle clue.

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