Koya Webb’s Favorite Meditation for Beginners

Yoga and meditation have brought a new level of mindfulness into my life. In fact, they’ve been the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever received — and that’s why I love sharing them.

Koya Webb

Koya Webb.

Meditation is important to me because it allows me the time and focus to center my thoughts and allow my spirit to lead. When coupled with my yoga practice, meditation allows an optimal level of mindfulness in my life — one that I believe I wouldn’t otherwise have.

Meditation became a part of my life early on during my yoga training. At first, I’ll admit: I was very uncomfortable. Sitting in Lotus position was extremely uncomfortable to me. I spent most of the practice peeking and blinking my eyes open to see whether others in my class were in as much pain as I was. I always wondered whether I was doing it right and exactly what it was I was supposed to feel. My mind would race from one thing to the next — first going through my day and then visualizing random things.

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