How to Entertain Your Kid at Home With ARLOOPA’s Augmented Reality | by Nar Poghos | The Startup | Nov, 2020

Nar Poghos

Entertaining your kids at home has never been so relevant. With school going remote around the world and playgrounds being closed in the face of the pandemic, you are faced with a challenge of keeping your kids happy and busy at home.

The internet is no longer enough. YouTube is great, but it’s just not interesting enough to keep a child of the Z Gen entertained.

Augmented Reality App to Entertain Kids

If you’ve already tried everything from YouTube videos to mobile games, and are looking for a more exciting way to entertain your child at home with your smartphone, you should try augmented reality.

Augmented reality is the perfect new way to teach, entertain, and surprise kids. It allows you to smoothly combine fantasy and reality together using your phone or tablet.

Are you looking for an AR app that will allow you to work some true magic? Consider using ARLOOPA. ARLOOPA is a free kid-friendly AR app with the potential to keep your child really curious and entertained.

It is a versatile AR app that has a 3D models gallery inside with various cool categories, such as Spacecraft, Animals, Cars, Military, Science and Technology, etc.

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