How to ensure safe and secure driving automation systems validation

With fully autonomous driverless vehicles set to transform the automotive industry, this webinar will explore how Altran/Capgemini’s Driving Automation Systems Validation can help users plot the road map for their journeys with confidence

The rollout of autonomous driving depends not just on technology, but on compliance with governing standards to ensure autonomous vehicles are safe. While there are possibly fewer risks in applications such as agriculture and shuttle services in enclosed areas, there remain regulatory obstacles for autonomous driving on public roads.

In this webinar, Altran/Capgemini will look at how companies can manage the huge amount of data they generate in preparation for industry compliance standards, build digital continuity and ensure a continuous V&V process. It will also look to reveal how to scale the cloud networks that ADAS relies on and provide total security for the petabytes of data these networks can handle.

The presenters will also explain how OEMs can manage their data to build a roadmap to implementing autonomous and safety functions in their models, as well as ensure the validation and verification of these features, so that they can concentrate their R&D efforts on progressing their models to higher levels of autonomy.

Join this webinar to discover:

  • How to orchestrate the entire autonomous driving cycle from end-to-end capabilities such as data sets and automation along the chain, to reference architecture including build and operate simulation platforms and AI for ADAS.
  • The engineering and IT capabilities that make driver assistance safe.
  • How to build the data sets and architecture required to make the journey to autonomy straightforward.



Oussama Ben Moussa, Technical Director, ADAS and AD Senior System Architect at Altran

Oussama Ben Moussa is an autonomous driving and ADAS expert, currently acting as a technical director of Alrran’s automotive division in Paris, France. He is the founder of the group’s ADAS Academy, a training and skill development structure that addresses the needs of dedicated specialists to design ADAS and autonomous cars. He has applied for more than 10 French and European patents related to energy storage, engine performance, depollution, driver comfort and innovative driver assistance systems.

Roberto Castellano, Group Automotive Solution Manager at Altran

Roberto has more the 16 years working experience working in a number of industries including defense, aerospace and automotive. Following stints at Thales and Zodiac Aerospace, he joined Altran in 2014 to help develop Automotive Embedded Software and ADAS/AD solutions.

Ralf Nikolaus, Technical Unit Manager Automotive and Autonomous Connected Mobility (ACM) at Altran

Ralf Nikolaus leads an ADAS test and validation team which develops solutions and consults with clients on how to address increasing system complexity and meet the rising quality and safety requirements. His experience in advanced driver assistance systems started in 2009 in R&D and he has since conducted multiple ADAS series development projects.

Peter Fintl, Director of Technology and Innovation at Altran

Peter Fintl is an electronics engineer and business economist who has been in the automotive industry for more than 20 years. Fintl currently works as Director of Technology and Innovation at Altran and has a focus on automated driving and sustainable mobility.

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