GGRAsia – Okada Manila not fully open but robots sourced for cleaning

Okada Manila not fully open but robots sourced for cleaning

Okada Manila not fully open but robots sourced for cleaning

Philippine casino resort Okada Manila confirmed in an online message updated on Monday that its venue was not, as of that day, “fully” reopened. But it said it already had on site robot cleaning machines (example pictured) for property-disinfection work, as part of its safe-operations response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The venue stated, referring to one type of the automated machines: “Once the resort fully reopens, guests can expect to see the ‘Ben Ben’ robot doing its job in keeping Okada Manila safe and clean.”

In a September 9 announcement, the property’s parent, Japanese conglomerate Universal Entertainment Corp, had said the temporary closure order on the Okada Manila casino resort, in effect since March 15 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, had been “partially lifted”.

That was so that gaming tables and slots could operate at “30 percent” capacity. The notice did not mention when the 30-percent operation period would start.

Another Manila property, City of Dreams Manila, separately confirmed to GGRAsia this week that it was currently undergoing a “trial run” of its gaming, but told us it had no date for its own full reopening.

Ivaylo Ivanov, senior vice president of hotel operations at Okada Manila, in the Entertainment City casino zone in the Philippine capital, was quoted in the property’s online notice about use of cleaning robots, saying that they were “very efficient”.

The announcement said ‘Ben Ben’ had been programmed to be able to speak to any guests within range of its relevant sensors.

Mr Ivanov was cited as saying the robot concerned could cover “large public spaces on pre-programmed routes in high-traffic areas, as well as individual rooms and suites”.

The ‘Ben Ben’ model is said to be equipped to sanitise large rooms or large-scale areas of the property.

That robot uses a high-intensity ultraviolet light C (UV-C), said to render harmless to humans, either viruses or bacteria.

In addition to the ‘Ben Ben’ robot, another type with a more technical name, “BJDG-XD100”, is also on site, said the notice.

The latter type is said to eliminate bacteria and viruses through “misting or fogging” functions. “Like the ‘Ben Ben’, it also has UV capabilities to ensure thorough disinfection,” added the notice.

The information did not mention how many robot machines were on site.

The notice said Okada Manila had invested in advanced cleaning equipment including electrostatic sprayers and ultraviolet spotlights.

It added: “The resort’s entrances now have high-end disinfection chambers that sanitise each person who enters the enclosure, effectively removing the threat of possible risks that may be transmitted through close contact. Thermal scanners are also deployed at each entrance to safely monitor each guest’s body temperature upon their arrival.”

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