Foster and Partners face mask visor for coronavirus

  • Foster and Partners has designed some of Apple’s most iconic buildings, including the Fifth Avenue store.
  • The studio recently designed a sleek face shield prototype to protect against COVID-19.
  • The design uses laser cutting machines as an alternative to 3D printing. 
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Face coverings, particularly N95 masks and surgical masks, have become more crucial than ever due to the coronavirus. Earlier on in the pandemic, shortages in masks and materials necessary for protective equipment led to shortages, even among healthcare providers who needed them. Many designers stepped up to offer their expertise and resources, including Foster and Partners.

Foster and Partners created a visor prototype with a team of industrial designers, model makers, architects, and analysts. The design was created to be produced as quickly as possible, using laser cutting technology that the studio says can produce the visors much more quickly than with comparable 3D printing technology. To reduce waste, they can also be disassembled, cleaned, and reused.

The studio works all over the world, but it is known best for its work with Apple, including its Apple Park, the Fifth Avenue Apple store in New York City, and the glass sphere in the new Singapore store.

Take a look at the visor. 

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