First HomeKit Router firmware update coming very soon


Linksys appears to be the first vendor to make available a HomeKit router, as the Velop line is scheduled for an imminent firmware update to enable the functionality.

Linksys MX10 Velop AX mesh router

Linksys MX10 Velop AX mesh router

After several false starts, firmware updates for routers to make them HomeKit Routers upgrades will start arriving soon. The first confirmed one, is for the Linksys Velop line.

“We’re rolling out a firmware update to your Velop system in the next several days. Once your system updates, the next time you open the Linksys app, it will invite you to link with Apple Home,” Linksys says in an update note. “All of your Velop nodes must be tri-band for this integration to work.”

“When your Velop system is linked with the Apple Home app, it can monitor HomeKit accessories and prevent them from communicating in ways that might be harmful in the event an external threat from the internet gets through,” Linksys added. “This can stop viruses and malware from spreading, or your data from being sent to the wrong places.”

The entire Velop line with not get the update. The update is limited to the following models.

  • A03
  • WHW0301 & WHW0301B
  • WHW0302 & WHW0302B
  • WHW0303 & WHW0303B

The update notification was first spotted by HomeKit News on Thursday evening.

AppleInsider reviewed the Velop router in December. At the time, we found that it delivered significant real-world speed on our iPhone 11 Pro Max because of Wi-Fi 6. Other devices show minor speed improvements as well because of the power of the router itself —but with the price still so high for Wi-Fi 6, it was hard to justify for the vast majority of people. HomeKit Router certification and compatibility may change that, however.

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