Streamlabs Launches Lucra Platform for Ticketed Live Events – The Esports Observer|home of essential esports business news and insights

Logitech-owned live streaming tools brand Streamlabs announced Lucra, a new platform that allows content creators to monetize private live events. Steamlabs describes the new platform as a “live streaming platform for creators to monetize their content and connect with their audience through exclusive events.”

The platform will allow creators to give fans a ticketing purchase option to gain access to private live streams and interact “in a more personalized setting.”

Streamlabs says that this platform is aimed at all types of content creators including “artists, musicians, health and fitness experts, gamers, teachers, and more.”

These paid live events through Lucra are free to create and run, though using the free version of the platform means a 70% revenue split in the creator’s favor. Paid Streamlabs Prime Members ($19 USD a month) earn 100% percent of ticket sales. Lucra handles payment processing, ticket sales, and event analytics. It also supports all major streaming software, according to Streamlabs. 

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