60% of Huya-Owned Nimo TV’s Global Audience is in Brazil – The Esports Observer|home of essential esports business news and insights

Streaming platform Nimo TV completed two years of activity in Brazil in September, and to celebrate its second anniversary it highlighted its 15M active users in the country, which represents 60% of its global audience.

Nimo TV is owned by Huya, one of the biggest streaming platforms in China and a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Huya received an investment of $460M USD in 2018 from Tencent Holdings, and since then expanded its operations to 14 countries with a total of 25M active users.

Nimo’s success in Brazil is related to the rise of Garena’s mobile battle royale game Free Fire. The game commands a large audience in the country, and one of the streaming platform’s focuses is to highlight mobile games. Following Free Fire, comes Grand Theft Auto V, then League of Legends, Arena of Valor, and Mobile Legends. According to Nimo, VALORANT and PUBG MOBILE are currently gaining space.

Brazil holds the first five places for most-watched streamers worldwide at Nimo TV, all of them being known in the Free Fire community. In total, the platform has signed to date 100 Brazilian streamers, including professional esports players from traditional Brazilian organizations such as Black Dragons, Santos HotForex, KaBuM! e-Sports, and Team oNe, which even calls its VALORANT team as Nimo oNe.

To celebrate its birthday in the country, Nimo TV will promote an internal competition between its users from Sept. 15 – 19, with Razer and chair manufacturer MaxRacer as sponsors.

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