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The era of stubby-limbed avatars battling to the death appears to be in full swing with Among US continuing to find success and Fall Guys gearing up for a second spike. 

The status quo among top channels remains largely immovable as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive continues its domination of the year’s weekly esports viewing.

Twitch’s Top Channel – xQc

Félix “xQc” Lengyel continues his streak as the top streamer on Twitch, contributing to the rapid rise of Among Us. This week, Lengyel was the only broadcaster who could outpace the ESL Pro League, which generated 3.22M hours watched to Lengyel’s 3.62M. 

Also worth noting this week is the return of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins to the Twitch rankings. After exploring multiple platforms, the streamer signed an exclusive deal with Twitch late last week. Despite a short week of streaming, Blevins landed in sixth place, generating 1.92M hours watched.

Twitch’s Top Content – Just Chatting

The catch-all category remains uncontested at the top of the heap, but a new challenger has risen up to nip at its heels. Social investigation game Among Us has seen explosive growth on Twitch in recent weeks, with many top streamers making the title a regular part of their content schedule. The little indie title that could is defying all typical Twitch trends, finding major success several years after its initial launch. That said, Among Us is a perfect title for the modern Twitch era, which favors variety content and collaboration between groups of streamers. This shift in Twitch culture has allowed an obscure title to rise up above even perennial second-place League of Legends, and exceed 30M hours watched in a single week.

Fellow breakout variety collaboration game Fall Guys has seen its stock fall in recent weeks, dropping to eighth place with 9.86M hours watched. However, a new content update is slated for early October, which will no doubt bring the title surging back to the upper ranks. As with Fortnite before it, Fall Guys ability to sustain a Twitch presence will live and die with the frequency and quality of its post-release content.

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