Automation Investments Reinvents The Dropshipping Process With Automation, Creating A Turn-Key Solution To Dropshipping

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jan. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Brandon Gleese set out to explore the Amazon fulfillment business in 2018, and ended up simplifying the rather daunting process of generating income through dropshipping.

While the concept of dropshipping isn’t particularly new (entering the market approximately 4 years ago), the barriers to entry for interested entrepreneurs were rather high. Through setting up a Shopify store, keeping stock of merchandise, and running ads to generate consumers to the shop, the process has historically been less than simple.

Brandon Gleese has reinvented this process, providing a turn-key solution for his clients to maximize this potential income stream. His team handles everything from product research to fulfillment, acting as a sort of consultancy for its clients. Instead of teaching clients how to take advantage of this potential for passive income, Automation Investments does the dropshipping dirty work, creating profit margins for their clients ranging from 8-20 percent, and an ROI of 8-12 months.

“We’ve built the most robust automated e-commerce system providing our clients with the immediate opportunity to generate income and grow; no matter what the experience level is,” Gleese says.

The team at Automation Investments conducts research to find out what products are the most profitable on Amazon at any given time and finds third-party sellers of the products. Once they purchase the product from a third party, they work with a fulfillment business to get the orders shipped out and into the hands of their clients’ Amazon customers.

Beyond the logistics of procurement and shipping, Automation Investments is also taking the necessary steps to create reputable, effective stores for its clients. The Automation Investments team dedicates the first three months of the process of procuring descriptions and reviews for the products being listed in its clients’ stores, in order to create reputable and sustainable Amazon stores for its clients. The next seven months are when the businesses start to rapidly scale. If after the promised period and Automation Investments client doesn’t achieve their expected ROI, Gleese writes them a check for the difference.

Gleese aims to provide a drop shipping service that creates light work on the consumer end, creating an opportunity for truly passive income that maximizes Amazon’s massive stream of daily visitors. Gleese made this process significantly more accessible for anyone, making automated dropshipping an excellent source of passive income for more than just internet marketers.

Contact: Dustin Capp, BrandxActivated LLC

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