Kozhikode man builds house in pond to avoid levelling paddy field | Paddy field levelling| house built in pond| eco friendly lifestyle

Mukkam (Kozhikode): Former president of Mukkam panchayat and environmentalist Thacholath Gopalan is known for his different way of life. He chose an eco-friendly lifestyle and constructed a house in the middle of a pond that was converted from a paddy field.

Gopalan’s father Chappunni handed over him 10 cents of paddy field in 1992 to build a house. However, Gopalan did not level the land due to love for agriculture. So, he dug a pond in 4-cent land and made a house in the centre of it. First, 15 concrete pillars were constructed in the pond. Then house was built on a slab made on the pillars.

The 2-storey house is tile-roofed and walls are made of mud blocks. The expense of construction also was low compared to ordinary houses. The pond is used to grow fish. Water lily and other plants also are cultivated in it. Trees suitable for all 27 birth stars are growing in the house compound.

Now Gopalan focuses on organic farming and cattle rearing. There are 4 Vechur cows among the cattle. The milk of cows is not collected. Instead, the calves are allowed to drink the milk. Cow dung and urine are used as fertilizers. The farm is rich with crops like paddy, banana, yam, taro, ginger, turmeric, long beans, okra, brinjal and pumpkin.

Gopalan’s wife Chandrika is a former civil supplies staff. The couple has two sons named Arun and Kiran. Gopalan is the recipient of many honours including Vanamithra award of the forest department. When he was serving as Mukkam panchayat president, Gopalan had attained a lot of attention for his different lifestyle.

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