Every Sketch Ranked Worst To Best

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains In Paradise features 16 different DC parody sketches. Here they are ranked from worst to best.

Which skits in the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains In Paradise were the funniest? Stop-motion sketch show Robot Chicken has been airing on Adult Swim for ten seasons and over that time the pop culture parody has produced several specials. Star Wars was the subject of the first few specials before Robot Chicken turned its attention to a new target – DC Comics. The first DC special aired in 2012 and was followed by Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise in 2014.

As its title suggests, Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise concentrates largely on villainous DC characters – in particular, the Legion of Doom – although plenty of DC heroes get screen time too. Alongside Robot Chicken regulars Seth Green, Zeb Wells and Breckin Meyer, the cast features a whole host of talents including Alfred Molina voicing Lex Luthor and Green Arrow, Zac Efron as Superboy and Brainiac while Paul Reubens plays The Riddler.

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The special is loosely centered around a framing story that sees the Legion of Doom villains tire of Luther’s working conditions and demand vacation time which leads to an impromptu trip to the beach where Lex’s daughter Lena has absconded with Superboy. Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise features a total of sixteen sketches – here they are ranked from worst to best.

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2 Villains In Paradise - Worked To The Bone

Arkham Breakout

A short introductory sketch that sees the DC villains escape from Arkham Asylum.

Buying Cookies

Bizarro’s backwards talk makes it hard to buy cookies off a girl scout.

Reverse Flash

Reverse Flash’s date turns awkward when he bumps into archenemy The Flash.

Bathound Vs. Banehound

Resurrecting a running gag from the first Robot Chicken DC Comics special, this sketch sees Bane take on Bathound.


Superman tries to pass off his son Superboy as his clone.

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Nerd At The Daily Planet

Long-running Robot Chicken character The Nerd gets an internship at The Daily Planet; hijinks ensue.

Working For Doom

The subpar working conditions at the Legion of Doom headquarters are revealed – no vacations and malfunctioning tech, but at least they’ve got an onsite Starbucks.

Worked To The Bone

The Legion of Doom demands a vacation. An enraged Lex flies the Legion to the beach after learning Lena Luthor is vacationing there with Superboy.

Invisible Emergency

Green Arrow struggles to fly Wonder Woman’s invisible jet which inconveniently also has invisible controls and an invisible flight manual.

She Likes Fish

Aquaman bails on his date after her pet fish lets him know she doesn’t put out.

Cyborg’s Poop

Ever wondered how part-man, part-machine Cyborg goes to the bathroom? It involves flushing a floppy disc.

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Giving Bats A Ride

Batman objects to having to travel in Green Lantern’s emasculating safety bubble and demands something cooler to fly into battle.

Doctor Fate

A dinner date turns awkward for Doctor Fate when a fellow diner collapse and a waiter asks if there’s a doctor in the house.

Comic Book Deaths

Batman gives a rant-filled eulogy at Green Lantern’s funeral, in a nod to how impermanent comic book deaths are, ending on a funny twist.

Sexx Luthor

The Legion of Doom discovers a video of Lex Luthor performing at the 1986 Smallville High School talent show with his hair metal band Sexx Luthor.

Spring Break Of Doom

In the longest sketch in Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains In Paradise, hilarity ensues as the Legion of Doom arrives at the beach. Highlights include a Grease-style singalong with Lena Luthor and Superboy and Aquaman summoning an army of seahorses to defeat Starro.

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