Enhancing the Audience Experience with Next-Reality Technology

If you want to know where the pro AV market is headed, you might want to keep an eye on esports. The hybrid event is one of the biggest AV stories of 2020. The blurring line between esports and traditional sports is where tech applications can create engaging, high-quality hybrid experiences that are being rapidly developed.

With advances in technology and the affordability of home theaters, the home has become competition for attending live sports such as the NFL and MLS. Outfitting the stadium with high tech bells and whistles is a critical tool for building a stadium that can engage fans in ways they cannot get at home.  

Leveling Up: The Esports and Education Conference & Expo

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First, there are the well-known AV enhancements within the stadium like digital signage and wayfinding, enormous displays like the “halo” in Mercedes Benz stadium, and zoned audio. In addition to that, some teams and leagues have taken a page from the esports playbook, using AR and sensors to enhance the amount of data fans can engage with during the game. Sensors on players report data like running and throwing speed in the same way a video game displays a player’s “health status” or “ammo count.” Esports has also helped professional leagues like MLS build up fan bases for new teams by having them appear in virtual versions of the sport.

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