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Businesses across different industries are striving not only to reopen but also to grow. Business leaders are leveraging the rescue  packages from the government to restructure themselves with digital conversions and agile organizational structures. They are taking swift actions to get ready for greater resilience and better productivity in a future where the usual business does not exist. The industry leaders are investing in future technologies to automate facilities and physical processes to comply with social distancing norms.

The industrial sector is transforming towards centralized and automated non-core tasks. The businesses are evaluating and re-aligning  service capabilities and network models to adapt with the new normal. To overcome the impact of disrupted supply chain models, the businesses  are creating transparent system with help of big data, connected ecosystem and intelligent system. Besides all the organizational level changes, the market players in industrial sector are increasing work safety precautions to fall in line with the social-distancing norms issued by the government.

In-Pipe Inspection Robot: Introduction

The lifetime of a pipeline can be improved by periodic inspection and recognition of the cracks, damages, flaws and ensuring adequate maintenance of faults. This helps prevent the loss of material transportation and keeps the gross profit of the industry intact. The In-Pipe Inspection Robots can be classified according to several criteria such as locomotion system, piping structure arrangement, mechanical structure adaptability, and autonomy. Over the years, In-Pipe Inspection Robots have appeared as a significant equipment for checking hard-to-reach or hazardous places. This in turn have considerably fueled the In-Pipe Inspection Robot Market over the forecast period.

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In-Pipe Inspection Robot: Market Dynamics

One of the primary driving factors of the In-Pipe Inspection Robot Market is that these robots are tailored to operate in a highly dexterous surrounding and capable of working in hostile settings. The inspection by In-Pipe Inspection Robots is considered a good methodology since the pipeline is restricted by many environmental factors, which limits the aspect of inspection inside them. In complicated pipeline applications, In-Pipe Inspection Robots are generally intended for a particular task where manual operations would not be feasible. This drives the In-Pipe Inspection Robot Market to a great extent. One of the most prominent factors aiding the inspection robots market growth is the fact that the availability of skilled labor has been a cause of concern in recent years.

Certain In-Pipe Inspection Robots operate in very limited settings such as customized pipelines. Alteration in pipe diameter, curve and power supply is one of the major challenges faced by In-Pipe Inspection Robots. In addition, the inspection and maintenance activities by the In-Pipe Inspection Robots require huge budgets that companies cannot handle easily, as they are mostly small and medium-sized. Inspection of the pipeline by In-Pipe Inspection Robots has become more complex since replacing the defective pipeline is more expensive and time consuming. These factors are anticipated to hamper the In-Pipe Inspection Robot Market over the time period.

Modern society’s rapid growth is speeding up the growth of pipe transport systems such as drinking water, gas, petrol, etc. This evolution in turn resulted to the development of many pipe networks, and their underground positioning makes it expensive to maintain them. Thus, many kinds of mechanisms have been developing within the In-Pipe Inspection Robot Market. For instance, PIG type, inchworm type, wheel type, crawler type, screw type, legged mobile type, caterpillar type and passive type of In-Pipe Inspection Robots.

Ongoing development of In-Pipe Inspection Robot Market is related to eliminating structural deficiencies such as to improve its adaptability for different pipes diameters. Improvement in signal transmission system in order to allow long range movement for the In-Pipe Inspection Robot. Latest software programs are being incorporated to design, model, assemble and develop the In-Pipe Inspection Robot with the aim of fitting them into sleek and complicated pipe structures. The future trends are taking a shift towards nanotechnology in order to decrease the weight of the In-Pipe Inspection Robot and increase the movement ability in low power inside the pipe.

In-Pipe Inspection Robot: Market Segmentation

Based on Product type, the global In-Pipe Inspection Robot Market can be segmented into:

  • Diameter Robot
  • Welding pipe Robot
  • Thickness measuring Robot

Based on Application, the global In-Pipe Inspection Robot Market can be segmented into:

  • Remote Inspection Robot
  • Magnetic Wheeled Robot
  • Remote Visual Inspection Robot
  • Scanning System Robot
  • Drones

Based on End Use Industry, the global In-Pipe Inspection Robot Market can be segmented into:

  • Water supply facilities
  • Oil pipeline
  • Gas pipeline
  • Industrial plants

In-Pipe Inspection Robot: Regional Overview

On the basis of geography, Asia Pacific is anticipated to develop rapidly over the forecast period. Growth in the market for In-Pipe Inspection Robots in Asia Pacific is due to increased investment through the pipeline network in the transport of petrochemical products.

North America is expected to retain a significant market share of In-Pipe Inspection Robots. This is due to the region’s flourished infrastructure which indirectly accounts for the huge pipeline network.

The In-Pipe Inspection Robot market in Europe is anticipated to witness development adhering to increasing demand for energy-efficient alternatives and increasing greenhouse gas emission reduction projects which require the implementation of In-Pipe Inspection Robots on a large scale

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In-Pipe Inspection Robot: Market Participants

Some of the global Key players in the Pipe Inspection Robot Market are:

  • CUES Inc,
  • Envirosight LLC,
  • GE Inspection Robotics,
  • IBAK Helmut Hunger GmbH & Co. KG
  • Medit Inc.
  • RedZone Robotics
  • Inuktun Services Ltd.
  • MISTRAS Group, Inc.
  • RIEZLER Inspection Systems GmbH & Co. KG
  • Xylem, Inc.
  • Honeybee Robotics
  • Ryonic Robotics
  • Inspector Systems.
  • Robotics Design group

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