Early Walmart Black Friday Deal 2020: Shark IQ Robot Vacuum

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The self-sufficient vacuum makes cleaning the floors so much easier. It connects to your WiFi network so you can operate it with an app on your smartphone. After mapping your home’s layout, it will know exactly where to go, and you can even send it to specific rooms or areas with the app. And if operating your robot vacuum cleaner with your phone isn’t high-tech enough, you can also use voice control with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Powerful enough to pick up large debris and pet hair, this vacuum is ideal for pet owners. It has an extra-large dust cup and a self-cleaning brushroll. Plus, it’s outfitted with a high-efficiency filter to trap 99 percent of dust, dander, and pet allergens.

Once you put it to work, it cleans each room row by row. When it’s done, it will return to the base on its own to recharge and get ready to tackle the next mess.

If you’re considering a vacuum upgrade, you’ll have to move fast: This deal will only last through November 15. Head to Walmart now to grab this Shark robot vacuum at a fraction of its usual cost today.

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