Cinequest Film and Creativity Festival – NBC Bay Area

Voted Best Film Festival by USA Today Readers, the 2020 edition of Cinequest will do as much with Film & Technology as ever while expanding to include additional creative experiences such as virtual and augmented realities, fashion, writing, television, dance, art & design, a creativity summit, and more!

Set in the home of the world’s most influential media technology companies (Apple, Cisco, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, LinkedIn, Zoom etc…) Cinequest empowers global connectivity between creators, innovators, youth, and audiences. Cinequest has led the world in its showcase and implementation of the innovations that have revolutionized creativity and filmed media.

Over 110,000 attend Cinequest from all walks of life, connecting with great art, tech and each other. Cinequest’s renowned hospitality makes the festival experience as warm and personal as it is electrifying. Cinequest presents 300 films and virtual-augmented reality (130+ of which are World and U.S. Premieres), groundbreaking innovations, creativity forums—plus fashion, writing, comedy, dance, music, and art. 1,100 artists, innovators, and youth present from over 50 countries each year.

Cinequest’s highest honor, the Maverick Award, recognizes bold, visionary and creative forces—exemplary in the worlds of Silicon Valley innovation and the creative arts. Its Maverick Spirit Awards recognizes artists (Nicolas Cage, Harrison Ford, Tatiana Maslany, J.J. Abrams, Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ben Kingsley, and Sir Ian McKellen are amongst the guest recipients). Its Maverick Innovator Award recognizes technologists (including Martin Cooper, father of the cell phone). A Maverick stands apart from the crowd willing to create and innovate from a place of personal yet global vision.

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WHEN: March 3-15, 2020

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