China Uses Drones and AI Robots to Fight the Coronavirus Outbreak

Residents walking down the streets of Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, could face chastisement from drones flying overhead. 

China is allegedly using drones to keep a watchful eye over its residents, to ensure they’re taking the appropriate precautions to keep the coronavirus at bay. In addition, it’s also believed that the nation is using robots in hospitals to alleviate the pressure from over-worked medical staff and to provide faster checks of the virus. 

Many news sources coming from China are sharing these methods, meant to fight the coronavirus outbreak.


Are drones and robots the future of epidemics?

Huge stress and challenges have been added to medical workers in China due to the coronavirus outbreak. With extra hospitals being built in record times, and more and more infected cases each day, it’s no wonder that China is looking for solutions to this issue.

It appears the nation has turned to technology to help combat the outbreak. Footage of drones flying overhead in Chinese cities has been shared across social media sites such as Twitter. The drones are allegedly being used to measure residents’ temperatures, without endangering medical staff, as well as shouting out directions to passers-by as to how they can better keep the virus at bay.

It certainly sounds handy, if not a little impersonal. However, if it can stop human-to-human transmission and help get the message out to everyone in a safe and measured way, it could be revolutionary for future epidemics.

On top of drones buzzing ahead, closer to ground level are robots patrolling the streets and hospital corridors, also sent on a mission to keep in check people’s health. 

To try and keep medical workers’ hours and chances of not catching the coronavirus themselves low, Chinese news source 36Kr has shared the information that robots are being used to offer treatment to infected patients. 

Robocalls are typically unwanted, however when there’s an outbreak such as the coronavirus perhaps these aren’t such a bad idea. According to Xinhua news source, a Chinese newspaper, citizens of Cangshan district in Fuzhou, China, have received calls from robots asking them “have you come into contact with confirmed coronavirus cases? Do you have symptoms like cough and fever?” The aim is to try and prevent the virus from spreading further and encourage people to understand the symptoms and reach out for help if needed.

According to the People’s Daily newspaper’s Twitter post, Anhui province in Eastern China is utilizing intelligent robots to patrol its streets to try and minimize human contact. 

On a regular day-to-day living note, the city of Shenzhen in Southern China is finding different ways to send out food takeaway orders, again, in a bid to curb person to person contact, said the Chinese news source

There seem to be myriad ways for robots and drones to assist in medical outbreaks such as the coronavirus, and perhaps China’s methods will help curb future epidemics more rapidly.

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