China develops robots to disinfect COVID-19 (coronavirus)

NANJING: Chinese researchers have developed a robotic sprayer that can help reduce the transmission of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) in heavily populated urban areas.

The new air-blast machine, a vehicle fitted with caterpillar tracks, was used for agricultural spraying in the past.

Researchers from Soochow University in east China’s Jiangsu Province renovated its spraying system, making it more suitable for disinfectant liquid cleaners.

“We have experimented with the disinfectant liquid spraying, which proved that the chlorine content in the air was increased and the possibility of aerosol transmission was reduced,” said Geng Changxing, a member of the research team.

The robotic sprayer can be remotely operated. The range of its spray devices can reach 30m.

According to researchers, the robot can walk up to 7km per hour, killing the virus in an area of more than 40,000 square meters.

It is narrow enough to manoeuvre into residential communities, bus stations, construction sites and underground parking garages.

The sprayer has already worked in some urban areas in the city of Suzhou.

It will be used in more local schools and communities, the researchers said. - Xinhua/Asian News Network

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