Charged EVs | FIMER’s new line of residential and commercial chargers

FIMER, an established manufacturer of solar inverters, has entered the EV charging space with the launch of a new portfolio of residential and commercial chargers.

The FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox is a wall- or stand-mounted charger for residential applications. It comes in three different versions: Stand Alone, Future Net and Inverter Net. Each model has four available power levels (3.7, 7.4, 11 and 22 kW). Each is available with an integrated cord (the typical US configuration) or with a socket (typically used in Europe).

The wallbox is made from 100 percent recycled plastic. It can easily be disconnected and moved to another location, and can also be used as an emergency charging cable.

For commercial installations, the company offers the FIMER FLEXA AC Station, FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox and FIMER ELECTRA DC Station.

The FIMER FLEXA AC charging station can charge up to two vehicles at the same time. It is available in two different configurations, the first with two Type 2 AC sockets (also called Mennekes, this is widely used in Europe), the second with one Type 2 socket (up to 22 kW) and one Type 3A socket (aka Scame, this is used in Europe for light vehicles, such as scooters and microcars, and provides up to 3.7 kW of power). Both configurations are available in Stand Alone, Future Net and Inverter Net versions.

The FIMER ELECTRA DC Station, designed for public parking and highway services, can simultaneously charge up to three vehicles. The charger dynamically distributes its maximum power based on the number of vehicles connected. In case of power failure, a UPS power backup facility allows the transaction to be concluded and cables released. For added flexibility, stations can be upgraded after installation, to add power modules and increase charging capacity.

Gaetano Belluccio, FIMER’s Managing Director of E-mobility, said, “We are proud of our strong track record in harnessing the power of the sun for sustainable energy. The introduction of our new EV solutions marks a step forward in our ambition to drive a new era for e-mobility. It builds on our proven credentials in the EV sector, where we have already installed more than 30,000 solutions since 2017.”

Source: FIMER

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