Charged EVs | Enel X’s JuiceEco enables EV charging with 100% renewable energy

Enel X’s JuiceEco enables EV charging with 100% renewable energy

Enel X provides a range of smart charging and e-mobility solutions. The company’s latest product is JuiceEco, which enables EV drivers to power their rides with 100% renewable energy. JuiceEco provides Green-e certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to match the consumption of any EV anywhere in the US with carbon-free electricity.

“JuiceEco provides EV drivers with a choice for their JuiceBox charging station’s electricity source,” said Giovanni Bertolino, Head of e-Mobility at Enel X North America. “This product is based on the proven concept that RECs provide a simple, traceable and effective way to support new, renewable energy generation.”

JuiceEco prices start at $30, which represents 3,400 kWh of clean energy production or 10,000 miles of EV travel. According to Enel X, assuming a vehicle lifespan of 200,000 miles, consumers can ensure that 100% of their lifetime mileage is powered by renewable energy for $600. JuiceEco can be purchased online at the Enel X website.

In other news, Enel X has qualified its flagship home charging station, the JuiceBox, in dozens of utility programs across the US. Drivers can easily check to see if they qualify for a utility rebate with a zip code tool to acquire a charger for low or no cost. 

But wait, there’s even more! Enel X and Uber have teamed up to offer savings on the complete JuiceBox smart charging package for US Uber drivers. As part of the deal, drivers will receive a 15,000-mile JuiceEco package for free.

“We’re excited to partner with Enel X and make charging more accessible for those with an EV,” said Nishith Kumar, Sustainability Partnerships Lead at Uber. “We think the future for EVs and Uber is bright, and we look forward to more work with leaders like Enel X.”

Source: Enel X

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