Charged EVs | EA Elektro-Automatik’s new bidirectional power supply unit

EA Elektro-Automatik’s new bidirectional power supply unit

German power supply manufacturer EA Elektro-Automatik has released a new 30 kW bidirectional power supply unit.

EA says the new unit generates 100 percent more power than the previous version, with only a third more volume. In interconnected operation these devices can produce total power in parallel of up to 1.92 kW.

The bidirectional power supply offers a working efficiency of up to 96 percent both as a source and as a drain with energy feedback, and it can be switched from source to drain with no delay.

Using the company’s EA Power Control, users can remotely control up to 20 devices, including sequencing and data recording. The device includes both analog and digital interfaces, including a five-inch touch display and a galvanically isolated analog interface.

“The requirements for programmable laboratory power supplies are continually increasing. This sharpens the competitive situation in growth areas such as eMobility,” said EA founder and CEO Helmut Nolden. “With the new devices we are currently offering the highest-performance concentration in the whole market.”

Source: EA Elektro-Automatik

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