Charged EVs | Copper use in vehicle wiring harnesses expected to surge

Copper use in vehicle wiring harnesses expected to surge

New research from the International Copper Association (ICA)
predicts that the use of copper in wiring harnesses will continue to grow.
According to the study, conducted by Martec Group, the greatest drivers of the increase
will be vehicle electrification and demand for larger vehicles.

The study states that by 2030, there will likely be an
additional 300,000 metric tons of copper in wire harnesses each year, thanks to
electrified vehicles. In the medium term, hybrids will add the most copper,
while battery-electric vehicles will require more copper in the longer term (2030
and beyond).

The amount of copper used per vehicle varies widely by
region – from an average of 8.9 kg in South America to 17.6 kg in North
America. China surpassed Europe in 2019, driven primarily by electrified
vehicles and further increases in feature content.

Developing markets, such as parts of Asia and South America,
have seen the greatest growth, and that trend is expected to continue.

Source: ICA via Green Car Congress

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