Charged EVs | Clean transportation grants awarded to three California school districts

Clean transportation grants awarded to three California school districts

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is rolling out
zero-emission transportation options in its Clean Mobility in Schools Pilot
Project. As early as this spring, schools will see small-scale initiatives put
into action, like zero-emissions staff vanpools and workforce training to teach
students how to repair and maintain the vehicles, as well as school curricula
to teach students how EV technology works.

 Over the next two
years, large-scale projects, such as vehicle-to-grid charging infrastructures,
will be implemented throughout the districts.

The school districts of El Monte, San Diego Unified School
District and Stockton each received grants ranging from 4.8 to 9.8 million

Grantees represent densely populated, underserved districts
where residents are routinely exposed to higher levels of pollutants, but are
typically afforded fewer healthcare resources. CARB will use the knowledge
gained from these communities to continue to develop blueprints for similar
projects around the state.

“This project addresses the need to do more – beyond
cleaning up school buses – to reduce exposure to harmful air pollution” said
Richard Corey, CARB Executive Officer, “These projects will set up the schools
to address climate change, reduce air pollution, and lead the next generation
in learning about and using clean mobility options.”

Source: CARB via Green Car Congress

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