Celebrate love in style this wedding season

Nothing brightens up the mood better than a ‘ghar ki shaadi’. A whirlwind journey that’s punctuated by delicious food, love, togetherness, dance sessions, boisterous antics, and, of course, shopping! Bold, vibrant, and filled to the brim with playful as well as emotional moments, the magnetic charm of Indian weddings remains undisputed.

An occasion that allows all family members to come together to celebrate the union of two souls, a wedding is the epitome of familial joy. So much so, that a few days in an Indian wedding household is akin to a happy vacation surrounded by the ones you love the most in this world. From a laughter-filled haldi session to a glamorous sangeet night where everyone flaunts their best moves, each event at a desi wedding is replete with cheerful moments that’ll leave you elated and satisfied. And when you have Manyavar as a part of all your wedding celebrations, you can be sure that #ShaadiGrandHogi.


And even though the dynamic of weddings have changed to adapt to the current times, the spirit of an Indian wedding remains the same. With their new video, Manyavar precisely captures this persevering yet loving spirit by showing the father of the groom tying his son’s pagdi, and with each twist of the cloth, each of the groom’s brother joins in to help. A perfect expression of the togetherness that one feels at Indian weddings. With this heartfelt and relatable video, Manyavar nails the #ShaadiGrandHogi sentiment and instantly gets us excited about the upcoming weddings that’ll be as intimate as this one.

When it comes to weddings, it’s the emotions that matter not the size. So what if the wedding cannot host a thousand guests or cannot have a live music band flown in from another country? And though a postponed wedding does result in a heavy heart, the true meaning of an Indian wedding is in its traditions that are brought to life by family and friends, a fact that Manyavar understands perfectly. After all, choosing a perfect wedding sherwani with your family in tow is a mini-celebration in itself, right? Most times it’s not the size of the baraat but your mother’s eyes gleaming with pride that makes the moment so special. It’s not the number of people who surround you that matter but the joy of seeing your proud Dad break into a jig as he celebrates your big day. It’s not just the decor or the number of guests that make a wedding grand but those smile-inducing ‘dodge the jaimala’ moments that actually add life to the celebration, which is also aptly captured by Manyavar in this adorable video.


Truth be told, no matter how much the world we live in changes, the unbreakable spirit of Indian weddings will always remain grand, all thanks to the constant support of our loved ones. And hence, #ShaadiGrandHogi no matter what! So, this wedding season amp your style and mood with Manyavar to ensure #ShaadiGrandHogi!

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