Canada fines VW, Mercedes EQC production, FCA and Foxconn: Today’s Car News

Mercedes-Benz says full speed ahead on its EQC electric SUV. FCA is in talks with that company that made your iPhone. And the VW scandal is still costing the automaker—this time in Canada. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

More than four years after the Volkswagen diesel scandal, VW has been hit with a $150 million fine for environmental violations in Canada. 

Mercedes-Benz and its parent Daimler are insisting that it’s still planning to make 50,000 of its EQC electric SUVs this year, after a report suggested that battery issues—potentially relating to Tesla’s Grohmann Engineering—are slowing the German automaker down. 

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Foxconn—yes, that’s the maker of iPhones and other personal electronics probably in your everyday lives—have announced that they’re in talks, potentially to develop electric cars

A reborn DeLorean Motor Company is potentially going to build a lot of up to 325 new DCS-12 cars. And as cool as it might be to make these cars popularized in “Back to the Future” electric, call it a missed opportunity that these would be powered by a gasoline engine.


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