Bruno Andreu Extends Range To Include Premium Organic Wines

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Bruno Andreu, founded in 2017, is broadening its premium portfolio with a range of organic wines that showcase Languedoc’s (south of France) quintessential grape varieties.

By simultaneously launching a new rosé, the Hérault-based firm, which currently exports 98% of its wines, also intends to move into the French Horeca market.

With the equivalent of 700,000 bottles (75cl) shipped overseas in 2019, just one year after the business was launched, this former Languedoc wine grower has lost no time in flexing his marketing muscle.

Bruno Andreu, who heads up his namesake merchant firm, is now staging a repeat performance in the premium organic wine segment by launching his first range of organically certified (AB) wines labelled ‘Coquelicot’ (aka poppy).

“There was widespread demand from our importers who were looking for virtuous organic wines with a meaningful connection to Languedoc’s history that would promote its various vineyard sites. It took a year to identify and source producers who have made a genuine pledge to environmental ethics and champion the concept of terroir”, explains Bruno Andreu.

Organic Pinot noir and Viognier
Coquelicot is the follow-up to a trial run with IGP Côtes Catalanes (red 2018 single varietal Syrah Coquelicot) grown in iconic vineyard sites in the Agly Valley in Roussillon. After this star Rhone varietal, Bruno Andreu wanted to play a part in the rediscovery of signature grapes by cherry-picking two more wines: a boutique-scale red Pinot noir (2,900 bottles) and a single varietal Viognier (3,200 bottles) which debunk commonly held misconceptions about these grape varieties in the vineyards of Languedoc. Marketed as Vins de France, the two AB-certified wines explore the varietal spectrum of the Mediterranean with hallmark ripeness – Bruno Andreu’s signature style.

The result is dense, racy wines with generous character, palatability and no heaviness or lack of balance, “that combine the varietal’s aromatic complexity with a distinctive sense of place”, points out their maker. Using traditional winemaking techniques, with no oak ageing, the Coquelicot range will gradually welcome other grapes including Aramon, Alicante and Clairette, “varieties on which Languedoc’s reputation is based which we will be championing by making them immediately identifiable on the front labels”.

A stellar Languedoc rosé
Bruno Andreu is also encapsulating the Languedoc style in the very competitive rosé category. Elixir, a Pays d’Oc IGP direct-to-press 100% Syrah (2-hour skin contact maceration), is the latest addition to the iconic Maison Bruno Andreu range. It joins the red and white Elixir labels (50,000 bottles already distributed). Made using traditional winemaking techniques at low temperatures, this is a characterful rosé of substance designed for food.

“All too often, rosé still plays second fiddle to reds, delivering wines whose quality disappoints, despite the luxury livery”, says Bruno Andreu, explaining how these conclusions dictated his choices. Elixir 2019, a stellar Languedoc rosé produced in very small quantities (6,000 bottles), targets niche markets – Horeca channels and top-end restaurants.

The Coquelicot organic range was launched at Millésime Bio 2020 in January 2020 in Montpellier.

Elixir rosé will be released for the first time at Wine Paris 2020 from February 10 to 12 at Paris Expo (Stand 4 F 113-5).

About Maison Bruno Andreu

Maison Bruno Andreu has a foothold in 24 countries worldwide and a customer portfolio of 112 importers. It posted revenue of 1.7 million euros in 2019, an increase of 10% compared to 2018 (€1.5 m). The firm is aiming for 25% growth in 2020, fuelled by consolidated markets in the USA and Europe, new markets in Northern Europe (9 new clients in 2019) and a range revolving around three levels of segmentation: varietal IGP Pays d’Oc (Aromatic range); the Authentique range of AOP Languedoc and high-growth premium wines.

With 98% of turnover currently generated by exports, Maison Bruno Andreu intends to tackle Horeca channels and online sales in 2020. Its long-term objective is for the segment to account for 20% of its business.

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