Boost Strength With These Medicine-Ball Moves

Sure, you’re strong — but are you powerful? There’s a big difference: Strength is measured by your capacity to move an external load while power is your ability to produce the greatest amount of force in the shortest amount of time. Power is crucial in almost all sports, from beach volleyball to golf, and developing this skill set can lead to higher one-rep maxes, especially on dynamic lifts like the snatch and the clean and jerk. Yet, even the strongest of women rarely live up to their power potential — especially when it comes to upper-body training.

The versatility of a medicine ball makes it the ideal power-development tool. You can slam it, throw it, squat it, even curl it, and almost any movement can be made into a dynamic power exercise by using a med ball. Its value is also backed by research, and in a study published in the International Journal of Exercise Science, women who participated in six weeks of resistance training using a medicine ball saw significant improvements in functional ability and upper-body power output.

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