Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: Horse Girl, Good Time, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Here is a list of all the best new shows and movies released on Netflix the week of Feb. 7-13.

Usually this post is exclusively about new Netflix Originals, but this week two things are coming from outside that are so notable that we have to make an exception. Season 4 of the masterful Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul comes to the service Sunday, Feb. 9, and if you’ve been waiting for it because you don’t have cable or want to get caught up before Season 5 premieres Feb. 23, now’s the time. Then, Feb. 11 sees the arrival of Good Time, the Queens-set heist thriller directors the Safdie Brothers made before their breakthrough hit Uncut Gems, for which Adam Sandler should have won an Oscar. If you loved Uncut Gems, you’ll love Good Time, too, because it has the same anxiety-attack quality, and Robert Pattinson‘s inept bank robber, Connie Nikas, is almost as stressful a guy as Howie from Gems. Beyond those two, Netflix has a strong lineup of originals this week. Highlights include supernatural adaptation Locke & Key and the sequel to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

All titles are out Friday, Feb. 7 unless otherwise noted.

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The Biggest Releases

Horse Girl
GLOW‘s Alison Brie co-wrote and stars in this indie drama that TV Guide’s Sundance correspondent Jordan Hoffman gave a rare 5/5 review when he saw it at the film festival last month. Brie plays Sarah, an awkward young woman who works at a crafts store, loves horses and supernatural crime shows, and has trouble connecting with the people around her. The movie starts off like a quirky comedy, but gradually turns into a psychological thriller/devastating character drama as it reveals that Sarah is suffering from severe mental illness, which the movie depicts from her point of view, so the delusions feel real. Brie and director Jeff Baena walk a tightrope of comedy and tragedy that could go horribly wrong with just one misstep, but never does.

Locke & Key, Season 1
Author Joe Hill‘s bestselling comic series had a long, hard time getting to the screen (the adaptation was originally piloted for Fox back in 2010, and redeveloped for and passed on by Hulu before it landed at Netflix), but it’s finally here. Quiet super-producer Carlton Cuse‘s version is much less scary and gory than Stephen King’s son’s horror comic about siblings who discover their house has magical keys that give them supernatural abilities, but it still has the fantasy, mystery, and family drama fans have been waiting more than a decade to see. (Trailer)

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You
The sequel to 2018’s romantic comedy hit is here, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Lana Condor is back as adorable everygirl Lara Jean Covey, who’s happily dating dreamboat Peter Kavinsky (breakout star Noah Centineo) now that their pretend relationship from the first movie has evolved to become real. But when the recipient of one of her other letters — John Ambrose McClaren, played by Dancing with the StarsJordan Fisher — reenters her life, she’s caught in a conundrum: Can she love two boys at once? If she doesn’t pick Peter, there’s gonna be a teen girl riot at Netflix headquarters. (Wednesday, Feb. 12 / Trailer)

Everything Else

Narcos: Mexico, Season 2
The Narcos franchise doesn’t get a ton of media attention (TV Guide is admittedly as guilty as anyone with not giving it the respect it deserves), but it’s quietly, broadly popular and critically acclaimed. It’s back for its second season covering the rise of Mexican drug cartels, with Diego Luna doing his seductively menacing thing as Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, the founder of the Guadalajara cartel and the Lucky Luciano of Mexico. (Thursday, Feb. 13)

Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 2
Literally Paw Patrol with dragons. (Trailer)

My Holo Love, Limited Series
A woman who closed herself off from love finds herself unexpectedly falling for a hologram — and his lookalike, flesh-and-blood creator — in this Korean romance miniseries. (Trailer)

The Coldest Game
Bill Pullman stars as an alcoholic former chess champion who’s enlisted to carry out an espionage mission in the guise of a chess game with a Russian counterpart at the height of the Cold War. This spy thriller is an English-language Polish production. (Saturday, Feb. 8 / Trailer)

Captain Underpants Epic Choice-o-Rama
Take an active role in helping Harold, George, and Captain Underpants save the world in this choose-your-own-adventure special. (Sunday, Feb. 9 / Trailer)

Road to Roma
A behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of last year’s Best Foreign Film, Best Director, and Best Cinematography Oscar-winner Roma. For Alfonso Cuarón completists. (Tuesday, Feb. 11 / no trailer)

Dragon Quest Your Story
I guess you could call this computer anime? It’s about a boy who goes on a quest. A Dragon Quest. It looks like a video game cutscene as a movie. (Thursday, Feb. 13 / Trailer)

Love Is Blind, Season 1
In this reality show, people get engaged after intense, meaningful conversations… and then see each other for the first time. Will their fledgling relationships make it to the altar? It’s like The Bachelor if the people looking for love weren’t allowed to look at each other. It’s probably going to be a hit. (Thursday, Feb. 13 / Trailer)

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